Corey For California's 50th Congressional District

America needs a new kind of leadership

For too long, career politicians have put themselves before American families and American workers. The results have been devastating: high taxes, high inflation, and high gas prices.

Why I’m Running

I’m a lifelong San Diegan who remembers when families could afford to live here, when we could count on our schools to provide quality education to our children, and when we could trust our local leaders to put San Diegans first.

Unfortunately, our representatives in Congress have stood with special interests and radicals who are out-of-step with normal San Diegans.

I’m running for Congress because, like you, I believe we need change.

I’ve never run for office before. Instead of pursuing a career in politics, I cofounded a small business that provides good jobs for dozens of local workers. I have the kind of real-world experience we need in Congress. I’m also a university lecturer, teaching students the truth of the American dream and the importance of American civics and history.

My beliefs are grounded in individual liberty, opportunity, limited government and American Exceptionalism.

I will oppose tax increases, strengthen the economy, stop inflation, and lower crime.

If you want to see change, I ask for your support. San Diego deserves better and America deserves better.

Corey's Commitments

Lower Taxes

Washington DC has a spending problem and politicians continue to spend by the trillions. How are they planning to pay for it? More tax hikes on American families who are already dealing with record inflation. Corey believes San Diego families deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money. He'll fight to cut taxes and he'll put a stop to reckless spending.

Stop Inflation

Inflation is a tax on all of us. It's never been harder to make ends meet in California, with skyrocketing gas prices, housing costs and prices for everyday items like groceries. The inflation unleashed by trillions of dollars in spending by DC politicians has put our families and business on the brink. Corey will fight to stop reckless spending and lower taxes.

Fight Crime

San Diego is experiencing an unprecedented rise in crime. It's no mystery why: understaffed law enforcement, failed leadership, and politicians who were unwilling to stand with our first responders when they needed it most. While others support defunding the police, Corey will always be a proud supporter of law enforcement. He believes we must be tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime.

Create Jobs

Corey Gustafson is a successful small business owner. He knows how hard it is to start and operate a business in California. That's why he will be a fighter for San Diego's Job Creators and middle-class workers. Corey knows that our economy is strong in spite of government regulation, not because of it. He opposes job-killing policies, like AB-5, that crush California's workers and small businesses. Corey Gustafson will fight for us in Congress and create a climate that brings good paying jobs and economic prosperity.

Campaign Contribution


Darrell Issa
Richard Bailey
Carl DeMaio