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Corey’s Plan to Lower the Cost of Living and Stop Career Politicians

San Diego Deserves Better

Career politicians have failed us. San Diegans are tired of leaders putting special interests before the needs of their constituents. They want leaders who will fight for them.

San Diegans are suffering because of the dramatic increase in the cost of living. Inflation is at a 40 year high, gas prices are soaring and grocery bills skyrocketing. Housing prices continue to hit record highs that price out first-time home buyers and drive up rent for San Diegans. We deserve better.

Our leadership has done nothing to help us. We need a new generation of leaders to battle for San Diegans who are struggling to make ends meet due to the cost of living crisis.

Corey Gustafson is running for Republican Central Committee to disrupt the status quo and fight for SOLUTIONS that will finally provide relief to San Diegans struggling with the cost of living.

Corey’s “On Your Side” agenda is the only proposed plan that aims directly at tackling the cost of living crisis. As a native San Diegan, he understands what needs to be done to help citizens in their everyday lives. Corey wants to empower his fellow citizens by helping them control their own destiny.

Term Limits

The definition of insanity is responding to the same problems with the same failed approaches and expect different results. How did things go so wrong, so fast? Because of failed politicians who have long overstayed their welcome. We cannot expect change if we keep the same stale and indifferent leadership that caused the cost of living crisis in the fist place. For real reform to occur, we need term limits in DC.

Reduce Rent

By stopping foreign and corporate housing purchases and rezoning, rent for San Diegans will fall due to the increased housing supply and lower prices.

“All the Above” Energy Solution

Energy prices are ridiculously high. San Diegans should NEVER expect to pay $6 for a gallon of gas. Corey will fight for investment in clean and renewable energy, safe and clean next-generation American nuclear technology and expand domestic energy production.

Right to Buy

Put San Diegans first by prioritizing American home buyers:

Balance the Budget

Both Republicans and Democrats in Washington D.C have a spending problem. Today's inflation crisis stems from the government spending and printing way more money than it can afford. The rising cost of groceries, goods and services we use everyday is the result of the federal government’s out-of-control spending.

“The first thing people tell me as I campaign door-to-door is that they are tired of career politicians and candidates that promise to solve problems and end up becoming part of the problem. I am running for Republican Central Committee to change that. The Republican Party needs a new generation of leadership. I will fight for the common-sense solutions in our “On Your Side” agenda and put the people of San Diego first. We deserve better and I will deliver!” 

— Corey